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Microxisto is a foliar fertilizer company, headquartered in São Mateus do Sul and represented throughout South America. The partnership between EVO Filmes and Microxisto has existed since 2010, when we produced the company's first institutional film. Since then, countless materials have been produced and the challenge this time was to create a film that, in addition to passing on the necessary technical messages, touched emotions and stirred the pride of the collaborators. Check the result and press play.


Film: Avante Microxisto
Client: Microschist
Scene Direction: Diego Stavitzki

Screenplay: Tatiana Hultmann
Production Director: Kaliupe Sachet

Editing: Paula Cardoso

General Coordination / Core #evocorp: Diego Stavitzki

Voiceover: Calique Ludwig
Approval: Cezar Farias


The video was shown at the company's national convention in several cities throughout Latin America. Acceptance was super positive and the proposed goals for the new stage of work in the company were all exceeded. Goal achieved.


Finished at EVO Filmes studios
© Evolução Filmes / Brazil

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