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The European Inventor Award is one of Europe's most prestigious innovation awards. Launched by the EPO in 2006, it honors individual inventors and teams of inventors whose pioneering inventions provide answers to some of the greatest challenges of our times. EVO Filmes Portugal was honored to be part of this story with the production of various materials for the communication of the event.

The Brazilian Rafaella Gonçalves was one of the finalists for the Young Inventors Prize, material produced with great pride by EVO Filmes, both for the theme that speaks a lot with the purpose of our company, and for having the opportunity to meet Rafaella who is an enlightened being of ideas.



Production Base: Vânia Franco
Line Producer: Diego Stavitzki
Director Photography: Ramses Rezende
Plateau: Edu Fenix
Camera Operator: Jonathan Murpf
Still Photo: Gustavo Queiroz
Directed by: Mariana Cadenas


Produced by EVO Filmes
© Evolução Filmes / Lisboa - Portugal

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