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The FIEP System looked for EVO Filmes to create an institutional campaign that revealed, through daily scenes, the presence of the industry in our day to day. Check out the result of this idea translated in the first film of a series that is being prepared for this campaign.

Title: Fiep System Institutional Campaign 
Client: Fiep System
Director: Diego Stavitzki

Script: Juliana Vieira
Line Producer: Kaliupe Sachet
Production Coordinator: JP Foltran

production Assistant: Guto Rodriguess
Post Production Coordinator: Paula Cardoso

Editor: Diego Stavitzki e Paula Cardoso

3D Composing: Guilherme Bucco

D.P. (unity 1): Renan Murpf e Murillo Ribeiro

D.P. (unity 2): Cleiton Nienkötter

D.P (unity 3): Vinícius Lima

Camera Assistant 1: Diego Carvalheiro

Camera Assistant 2: Thiago da Silva Souza

Camera Assistant 3: João Carlos Fincatto Fillho

Drone Operator: Fábio Osternack

Art Director: JP Foltran

Costume Andrea Gappmayer, Fernanda Oliveira e Duda Dandolini

Make-up (unity 1): Fabielle Rocha

Make-up (unity 2): Pedro Laurentino

Still:  Pablo Contreras

Ass. Still: Francisco Mariano Rosa

Actor: Gustavo Henrique

Actress: Jessica Pacheco Novicki

Soundtrack: Stéfanos Pinkus, Kelson Diego e Ramon Fassina.

Audio Post Production: TORO Creative Áudio
Coordinator #evocorp CORE: Diego Stavitzki
Aprooval: Edilane Marques

Special Thanks:  Álvaro Ramos e Lincoln Barela



Portuguese version: click here


Finalizado nos estúdios da EVO Filmes
© Evolução Filmes / Brazil

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