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The Norwegian Genomar Genetics Group went after the EVO Filmes Lisboa team for a great challenge: to produce the institutional film for the inauguration of its Plant in Tocantins, Brazil, The challenge was that the film needed to be shot in 4 countries and produced in 30 days , from the beginning of the script. And we went there, in a collective effort by EVO Lisbon and Brazil, we coordinated teams in Norway, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brazil, with a studio and voiceovers done in England. This was the result and we will still have an upgrade with new recordings to be made in Norway and Taiwan next year.


Film: Genomar Genetics - Ianuguration Video
Client: Genomar Genetics Group
Scene Director: Diego Stavitzki

Screenplay: Tatiana Hultmann
Line Producers Brazil: Vânia Franco and Edu Fênix

Production Management Europe and Asia: Paolo Avelar

Director of Photography: Renan Murpf

Ass. Camera: Paulo Costa

Editing: Diego Stavitzki

General Coordination / Core #evocorp: Diego Stavitzki

Voiceover: Nat Llyrp
Approval: Tiago Fernandes


The launch of the video featured Brazilian authorities such as the Governor of Tocantins, Mayor of Palmas and the video continues its path being presented at various events in the area around the world and also used as a basis for press relations for Genomar.


Finished at EVO Filmes studios
© Evolução Filmes / Brazil

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