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Making OF of the 4.0 Congress that we produced for the company Microxisto, where we were able to carry out various types of experiments and innovations, all to do with the company's DNA.

Film: Forward Microxisto
Client: Microxisto
Scene Direction: Diego Stavitzki

Screenplay: Diego Stavitzki
Production Management: Kaliupe Sachet

Photography Director: Cleiton Nienkötter

Op. Camera: Renan Murpf

Presentation: Ranieri Gonzalez
Approval: Cezar Farias and Juliano Busato


- Scene created inside the factory, mix of real scenery with LED screen.

- Audience interaction via LIVE and via LED screen

- Gamification, interactive games with all participants online.

- Live stream via Zoom, restricted to registered members.

- Creation of over 40 vignettes and transition films.

- Closing of the event with Gustavo Borges, also online.


Finished at EVO Filmes Studios
© Evolução Filmes / Brazil

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