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EVO Filmes was invited to create a concept film celebrating 100 years of Roca in all 170 countries where it operates. In partnership with the architects Felipe Guerra and Carlos Henrique Bianco, creators of the TRAMA - ROCA concept, our screenwriter Tati Hultmann personified the project's design in script. The result is a 2'30" film with scenes in more than 15 different countries, showing a little of Roca's legacy for world architecture.


Film: Trama Roca
Client: Roca
Stage Direction: Diego Stavitzki

Screenplay: Tatiana Hultmann
Production Director: Kaliupe Sachet

Editing: Diego Stavitzki

3D Composing: Sandi Yoguronav

Director of Photography (unit 1): Renan Murpf

Director of Photography (unit 2): Cleiton Nienkötter

Director of Photography (unit 3): Santiago Casimiro

General Coordination / Nucleus #evocorp: Diego Stavitzki

Voiceover: Diegho Kozievitch
Approval: Christie Schulka
Thanks: Beatriz Hultmann and Diego Galvan


Video Concept used in events celebrating Roca's 100 years throughout Brazil. Hundreds of thousands of views.

09 events worldwide.



Finalizado nos estúdios da EVO Filmes
© Evolução Filmes / Brazil

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