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Fishing a movie

The Norwegian Genomar Genetics Group went after the EVO Filmes Lisboa team for a great challenge: to produce the institutional film for the inauguration of its Plant in Tocantins, Brazil, The challenge was that the film needed to be shot in 4 countries and produced in 30 days , from the beginning of the script. And we went there, in a collective effort by EVO Lisbon and Brazil, we coordinated teams in Norway, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brazil, with a studio and voiceovers done in England. This was the result and we will still have an upgrade with new recordings to be made in Norway and Taiwan next year.


Director: Diego Stavitzki

Screenplay: Tatiana Hultmann

Line Producers Brazil: Vânia Franco and Edu Fênix

Production Management Europe and Asia: Paolo Avelar

Director of Photography: Renan Murpf

Ass. Camera: Paulo Costa

Editing: Diego Stavitzki

General Coordination / Core #evocorp: Diego Stavitzki

Voiceover: Nat Liyrp

Approval: Tiago Fernandes


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